ESU 3.2.7

Updates / Fixes


  • The tooltip for the gear icon now is in english, when the Jira language is set to english.
  • The Container Link on the board is fixed, so it opens the correct container now.

Detail View

  • When the Detail View is initially opened, it now automatically displays the budget in an additional column.
  • Added a tooltip for the checkbox custom field in the Detail View, that displays the selected choices.
  • Supports the Team custom field from the Tempo Timesheet plugin in the Detail View. It is now possible to set and adapt the value for the Team custom field.


  • The tooltip for the gear icon now is in english, when the Jira language is set to english.
  • Fixed the time unit in the timesheet. When the time unit is set to "JIRA (4h 25m)", this time unit now is used in the timesheet aswell.

Summary Panel

  • The "No data available" link now works properly and leads to the documentation.
ESU 3.2.5

Detail View

Edit Fields

The support for custom fields in the detail view has been extended,
the following custom type fields can now be edited:

  • Text Field (Single Line)
  • Text Field (Multi Line)

Common Updates / Fixes


  • Removing of display problems
  • Improved usability of Global Settings dialogue


  • The "Issues in Container" section is only displayed for container issues-types
  • Improved the performance for the "Container Link" custom field

Detail View

  • Inline Edit usability improved
  • Empty fields (such as Version or Sprint) can be edited
  • Due to the Jira compatibility the Action Menu is only available with Jira 7.1 and above
  • When a issue is collapsed in the Detail View the sum of the hidden issues is displayed
  • Insert loading animation


  • Total Hours calculation fixed (considers more than 20 worklogs)
  • Sorting usability improved

Summary Panel

  • The Jira Default Timetracking Panel will be displayed or hidden correctly



What's new in 2.5?

ESU 2.5 comes with useful features and fixes that are requested by our users — Many thanks to all at this point!

With this release, we provide the first accounting feature: Timesheet!

Read more about timesheet!


Following a list of all features and bug fixes in this release:


Epic SumUp 2.4 Released

The newest Version of Epic SumUp was just released!

Please Read the Release Notes for ESU 2.4 to get informed about a bunch of new Features.


Epic SumUp 2.3 Released


We are proud to announce the release of Epic SumUp 2.3.

This release has some great new features that will help you to use epics as project like contexts. With the new Epic Progress Bars you are able to display your epic progress at any place you want. Another big thing is the attachment summary, which will help you to get in control of all attachments in your epic and containing issues.

Along with some minor features, we offer a 25% promo of Epic Sum Up Server for taking a survey:


Have fun with the latest version of Epic Sum Up and stay tuned for the next release..