Detail View

Edit Fields

The support for custom fields in the detail view has been extended,
the following custom type fields can now be edited:

  • Text Field (Single Line)
  • Text Field (Multi Line)

Common Updates / Fixes


  • Removing of display problems
  • Improved usability of Global Settings dialogue


  • The "Issues in Container" section is only displayed for container issues-types
  • Improved the performance for the "Container Link" custom field

Detail View

  • Inline Edit usability improved
  • Empty fields (such as Version or Sprint) can be edited
  • Due to the Jira compatibility the Action Menu is only available with Jira 7.1 and above
  • When a issue is collapsed in the Detail View the sum of the hidden issues is displayed
  • Insert loading animation


  • Total Hours calculation fixed (considers more than 20 worklogs)
  • Sorting usability improved

Summary Panel

  • The Jira Default Timetracking Panel will be displayed or hidden correctly