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Open the Detail View

  1. Navigate to an issue or any place in Jira, where a Epic Sum Up progress bars is displayed
  2. Click on a progress bar

Display summed up values in the Detail View

To display the summed up amounts, the structure needs to be collapsed.

  1. Manually collapse issues, by clicking on the triangle next to the issue icon to see the summed amount for the underlying issues
  2. Click on the "Expand/Collapse" button on the top left of the Detail View to choose the level to be displayed or directly collapse or expand all issues.

Filter the Detail View

You can filter the issues displayed in the Detail View by using the filter option in the top left corner of the detail view.
When selected, only issues that match the corresponding filter will be shown.

Right now you can filter by:

  • completed issues 
  • not completed issues
  • issues over original estimation
  • closed issues with remaining time assigned to them

Edit, copy and paste values in the Detail View

The structure needs to be extended to enable inline editing.

You can easily edit values within the Detail View. Double click on a value for any of the issues, enter the new value and confirm by clicking the checkmark.

Furthermore you can choose multiple values by clicking and dragging the mouse. That way you are able to copy and export a chosen number of values to an external tool (e.g. Excel). To do so you can right click the chosen area and choose "copy" or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Furthermore you are able to (re)import values from such a tool to edit multiple values at once by right clicking and choosing "paste" or using a keyboard shortcut.

Add or remove columns in the Detail View 

You can add most (custom) fields to the Detail View by opening the columns option on the right.

Here you can search for fields that you want to have displayed in the Detail View. To add or remove the field, simply check or uncheck the option.

Search Box  

The Search box allows you to type any value and let the DVE filter for you. It will search almost every text based field to find the given term.