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General Information

This release brings major improvements to the underlying technology. Version 3.8 comes with a new UI, a massive performance upgrade and other new features. 

New libraries have been added which allow us to build advanced UI features, more integrations and improve performance even for large instances. The table is set for the next major release - version 4.0.

Summary Panel 

The summary panel has a new design. You can now open the timesheet in one click directly from the summary panel (1).

Detail View Editor 

The Detail View has been renamed to Detail View Editor. We have added many new filters and editing functions. Here are the main ones:

  1. adaptive search leads to the filter result list (live filtering of issues in DVE)
  2. switch between flat and hierarchy view 
  3. new column selector with virtual fields/columns (a virtual field is a column that doesn't have a custom field as source, but a value or representation that comes from Epic Sum Up, e.g. progress bar)
  4. sort by columns, filter each column individually and drag & drop the columns in the right order 
  5. show in-area: shows results in different tools and apps (Excel, CSV and other Atlassian plugins like Tempo) 
  6. filter areas and collapsing functions 
  7. copy & paste function for cells, see detail functions on the [link whats-new-sheet]

Attachments overview 

Like before there is a preview in a single overview of all attachments from every issue. What is new is that you can now group attachments by issue, author and date (1). As well you can search with the new adaptive search (2).

Comments overview 

All comments from all the issues are still listed in this overview. A one line preview now links to the original comment (1). You can easily switch to reading the whole comment.

To find comments more easily use the new adaptive search (2) or group comments by issue, author or date (3).


We’ve added many new functions to the Timesheet. Here is an overview: 

  1. all time logs are shown in one overview 
  2. can select a date range 
  3. all logs can be grouped by issue, author and date 
  4. all columns can be filtered individually 
  5. search using new adaptive search to find work logs more easily 
  6. shows the actual sum of all work logs from the selected issues
  7. export to CSV and/or Excel

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