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ESU 2.4: Time-Budget, Editable Detail View and Dynamic Epic Progress

We are happy to release the latest Version of Epic Sum Up with a set of great features.

This release targets at the time based work with epics and their controlling. By defining time budgets and the inline editing, you may change your settings fast and get an overview of your time values inside. Additionally you may now compare the tracked time and completetd issues to story points in one progressbarprogress bar!

Please enjoy the new featurs of Epic SumUp and leave us a Feedback!

Inline Editing in Detail View

Now you are able to edit the values for estimated and remaining time inline in the Detail View. This is very helpful, if you want to setup or change values for all issues inside your epic in one screen.

Timebudget for Time Tracker

For planning purposes we now support a budget for the time tracking. You can choose a custom field from type How to add a Time Custom Field and set it as Time Budget value. By doing this you may define Budgets for your epic and issues, which are displayed at the Summary Panel oder in Detail View .

Define a Time-Budget for your Epic

Define the Time Budget field for your Epic, Jira-Project or as global Setting.

Define your Time Budget Field

The Time Budget will be displayed as a marker at the Summary Panel

Please read the user guidelines for the Time Tracker to see possible use cases..

Customize the Epic Progress Bar

We have added a new generic Custom Field which shows a progressbar for progress bar for your Epic. The progressbar progress bar depends on the settings for your epic, JIRA project or global settings. 

Now you are able to compare the progress of epic based on different values in percent.

Define the value which will be used as base for your progress

We support time, issue count, story points and any numberfield you choose to calculate the progress.

Compareable Progress for Epics

You can now compare the progress of your epics based on any values you want!

Read More about the Progress Bar or the new Generic Progress Bar to see what you can do with this feature...

Additional Issues resolved in this Release

Issue TypeSummary
New FeatureMake the time field searchable
TaskNew Icon for Epic Sum Up
TaskNaming Panel
StoryDetails for attachment list in Detail View
FeedbackCompleted Issues => Yes/No Field should show no Progressbar Progress bar (in Dialog)

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Shared Features for Release 2.4