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Summary Panel per Issue Type 

Now different summary panels can be configured per issue type. This works for the project configuration as well as the global one. Please keep in mind that you still have to activate the summary panel for these issues in the general settings.

Summary Panel in the Issue Panel 

To give you faster access to the summary panel, it can now be shown in the Issue Panel as well. Just click on the summary panel button with the Epic Sum Up Logo and it will appear in the issue panel. It will not be there by default, only if you click on the button and you can remove it any time. 


New calculable progress bar 

To improve the reporting options, we’ve added a new custom progress bar that can be calculated based on simple values.

Default Detail View Editor Layouts per progress bar 

Default Detail View Editor Layouts can now be chosen for each progress bar.

Jira Advanced Roadmaps Support 

Epic Sum Up now officially supports Jira Advanced Roadmaps.