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The new Detail View Editor is a complete technical renewal of our Detail View. We added a lot more functions to allow fast and comfortable editing of all issues. The items can be edited, filtered  and sorted to your needs. The changes are so many that we created this page to show everything what is possible now on one page.  

Johanna: We have completely improved our Detail View. It even has a new name: Detail View Editor. To allow you even more fast and easy editing of all issues we've added a lot of new functions. This page provides you a detailed overview of all new Detail View Editor functions. 

Table of Contents

Detail View Editor Layout 

The DVE has now a defined Layout to keep all functions organized. 

Areas and their functions:

  1. Logo and Title: Shows the Source of the data, which can be a progressbar or a JQL expression. The source defines the default layout of the columns.
  2. Search Area: This field can be used for freetext searching and other searching functions that will be added later.
  3. Dialogue controls: like maximize or reload
  4. Row Controls. here you can filter and define the view of your rows, like collapse and expands
  5. Column controls: set the columns and store the layouts for later use.
  6. Data and  editor area: excel syle eitor of all data from your issues.
  7. SendTo Area: you may send your issues after filtering to other views and tools, like timesheets or CSV/Excel Export. We will add more functions here.
  8. Info area: shows infos or results for later use..
  9. close buttons (smile)

Johanna: To give you a better overview of all functions the Detail View Editor offers, we have divided it into nine areas. Every area has its own purpose. 

  1. Logo and Title: The title depends on where you open the Detail View Editor. It also defines the default layout. The source can either be a progressbar or a JQL expression. 
  2. Search Area: We have added a search bar for contextual searching. More search functions will be added in the future. 
  3. Dialogue controls: There are two basic ones: full screen and reload. 
  4. Row controls: You can collapse and expand your issues or use our predefined filters. 
  5. Column controls: Create your layouts with our column chooser, save them for your team and edit them whenever you like. 
  6. Edit area: Excel like overview and editor for all your issue data. 
  7. SendTo Area: You can easily send your filtered issues to different tools. Detailed list down below. 
  8. Info area: Not relevant for this release. More functions will be added here in the future. 
  9. Just the close button. 

New Features

New Column Selector and Layouts  

add or remove columns to your grid by our new selector. You may add any system and custom field as column und search for them in the search box. If you have organized your view, you can save the layout for later use or as a global layout for others.

Johanna: You can now easily add, remove and rearrange all columns. Add any system and custom field to your view with our new column selector. For easily finding your fields, we've included a search bar. When you're done with your layout, you can save it for later or as global for your whole team to see. 

You can find more information in the documentation for the column selector or the documentation for layouts.

Column Sort and Filter


All columns can be sorted or filtered in Excel style. 

Johanna:  All columns can be sorted or filtered in Excel style. Click on the image to view a quick demo. 

You can find more information in the documentation.

Search Box 

The Search box allows you to type any value and let the DVE filter for you. It will search almost every text based field to find the given term.

Johanna: You can type in any value and the Detail View Editor will automatically show you all results. The search includes every text based field. 

Edit,copy and paste

You can easily edit any field by double click. A single click selects the cell and allows you to use copy and paste functions. This works with your system clipboard, so you may copy and paste values from other tools. 

Johanna: You can edit any field with a double click. A single click selects a field. Use a right click or shortcuts to easily copy and paste any value. As this works with your system clipboard you can also copy and paste values from other tools. 

Send To Function 

If you have filtered your issue list and organized your columns, you may send this to different views or tools, like a timesheet or CSV/Excel Export. We actually support a list of targets and other plugins:

  • Display in Issue Navigator
  • Timesheet View included in Epic Sum Up
  • Export as CSV
  • Export as Excel
  • Tempo Timesheet by Tempo
  • Timetracker by EverIT

Johanna: When you're done editing, you can send your filtered issue list to a range of different tools. We offer a list of different targets and plan on expanding them in the future.