Detail View

Open Detail View

The Detail View can now be opened and closed any time without ending the session.

Full Screen

The Detail View can now be shown in full screen mode.

Change session start time and date

The start time and date of a session can now be changed.

This will change the day the time will be logged, too.

Change session duration and split it evenly

The overall duration of a session can now be adjusted and splitted over all tracked issues evenly.

Set individual worklogs for issues

Next to a global worklog it now is possible to set individual worklogs at each issue that overwrite the global one when set.

Parallel working in multiple tabs or windows

It is possible now to edit Detail Views in multiple tabs or windows.

The changed data will be synchronised in all open Trackers and Detail Views after editing


  • Usability improvements for Tracker and Detail View
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Removed Log Team button in the action menu, due to compatibility issues with other plugins