In this release we focused on two main things: Introducing a brand new entry point to our Detail View Editor and supporting scripted fields in the Summary Panel and Detail View Editor. And of course we also made some more improvements and small bug fixes as well. But let’s get started with the new entry points for the Detail View Editor: 

If you prefer a video, see a walkthrough of the features here.

Detail View Editor for Agile Boards

First we have a new Detail View Editor for Jira Agile Boards. It can be used for SCRUM as well as Kanban Boards. To access it you need to click the Epic Sum Up labeled button in the upper right corner of the board. 

Once it’s opened, you have two filter options. First you can select the board and then for the second option you have some filters and sprints, releases if you’re looking at a SCRUM board. 

Now you can start editing the Issues from your sprints/projects in one view.

Configuration Improvements

As a step closer towards feature parity we’ve now introduced timesheet permission restrictions for specific groups to Cloud as well.

Editing and other improvements 

As one of our main features we’re always aiming to improve the Detail View Editor to give you the best experience possible. If you have any feedback on how we can improve it even further you can submit your feedback here

In this release editing got even faster and we’ve added a loading animation as well. Now you can edit thousands of issues while seeing the progress directly and if you made a mistake you always have the option to cancel the editing process.

As per customer request we’ve also added another export destination. Now you can send your filtered results from the Detail View Editor directly to a Jira Bulk edit

And now for an improvement to layouts: Now you can pin columns to the left or right side of the Detail View Editor. To pin a column navigate to the column filtering.

Show percentage for Progress Bars 

To show the progress in percent, navigate to the Summary Panel Configuration, click on the Progress Bar and choose a format option with percent.


To give you the best possible experience with our product we continue to fix bugs and make improvements to our product in every release. 

Previously the default layout set for a specific progress bar overrode the Standard Progress Bar Layout. This is now fixed so you can always navigate back to the Standard Epic Sum Up Layout for the Progress Bar.

Here’s a quick list of all fixed bugs: 

  • Detail View Exports now show Issue Key for Container / Epic Links again 
  • Include Container / Epic works again for attachments and comments