In this guide the Better PDF Exporter for Jira (PDF View) plugin is used (

This guide shows the steps to get the Epic Sum Up values to be displayed properly on a VM template.

Create or adjust a VM template, by downloading the App

  1. Download the Better PDF Exporter App from the marketplace
  2. Navigate to Manage apps and look for the "Better PDF Exporter" section on the left side
  3. Click on "PDF Templates" in the navigation and look for the "issue-fo.vm" file and open it

Adding the Story Points Progress field value to the VM template

  1. Search for the following script in the file
  2. Insert the following script below the previous script (currently this script is enabling the Story Points Progress Bar)

    #elseif($customFieldTypeKey == 'aptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-story-points-progress')
    #set ($velocityParams = $customField.getCustomFieldType().getVelocityParameters($issue, $customField, $fieldLayoutItem))
    #set ($xmlValues = $velocityParams.get('customFieldXmlController').getXmlValues($user, $issue))
    #if ($xmlValues.size() > 0)
    #elseif($customFieldTypeKey == 'aptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-type-allocation')
    #set ($velocityParams = $customField.getCustomFieldType().getVelocityParameters($issue, $customField, $fieldLayoutItem))
  3. Save the adjustment by clicking on the Save button at the top of the page

  4. Navigate back to your issue and click on Export to create a new PDF export

Displaying different Epic Sum Up custom fields or multiple custom field values

  1. To display the value of a different custom field, adjust the first line of the script, by replacing the "aptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-time-progress" with the class name of the custom field

  2. To display multiple custom field values, add the class names of them to the first line of the script

List of all Epic Sum Up class names

Custom fieldClass name
(Epic Sum Up) Completed Issuesaptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-issue-count-progress
(Epic Sum Up) Progressaptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-progress
(Epic Sum Up) Status Categoryaptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-status-category-progress
(Epic Sum Up) Story Pointsaptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-story-points-progress
(Epic Sum Up) Time Progressaptis.plugins.epicSumUp:epic-sum-up-custom-field-time-progress

Use different Apps

This process is equal for every App that enables getting display via velocity.

For further help to setting up a different App, feel free to contact our Support at any time.