Install the mandatory Apps

Do the Scriptrunner configuration

Create a new Script Field with the name e. g. Issue ID and the Script below:

import com.atlassian.jira.issue.Issue
return issue.getId().toString();

Add the workflow post function

  1. Open the Jira Administration of Issues
  2. Move on to Workflows and choose the workflow, where you would like to add the function
  3. Go ahead and click on Edit of that workflow
  4. Choose an existing Transition or create one before
  5. Swap to Post Functions and click on Add post function
  6. Choose Create issue and subtasks by JWT and click on Add:
    1. You can customise the 
  7. Scroll down to Set Fields:
    1. Add Container-Link - [Container Link]
    2. Set Source field in current issue:Issue ID - [Scripted Field] (choose the field we created before to get the issue id)
    3. Click on Save
    4. Add Reporter - [User]
    5. Set Source field in current issue: Current user - [User]
    6. Click on Save
  8. Scroll down and click on Add / Update
  9. Now you are ready to go and it should look like in the screenshot