In this guide the (Epic Sum Up) Progress field is configured to display the time.

Instead of creating a new progress bar field, you can also use the (Epic Sum Up) Progress Customfield that is created by default.

Create a new progress bar field

  1. Install Epic Sum Up
  2. Navigate to the "Custom fields" section in the "Issues" settings
  3. Add a new "(Epic Sum Up) Progress" custom field and assign the new field to the necessary screens

Navigate to the progress bar field configuration

  1. Navigate to the "Custom fields" section in the "Issues" settings
  2. Search for the progress field and click on the cog icon
  3. Choose the "Configure" option in the dropdown
  4. Click on "Edit Progress bar"

Configure the progress bar

  1. Activate the "Use customfield configuration" toggle
  2. Choose the value that should be displayed in the progress bar (e.g. Time, Story Points, etc.)
  3. Define the display format (only a Progress bar, only the text value or a combination of both)
  4. Configure further options for the field