Anonymous usage statistics 

To be able to improve our product even more and to give admins the possibility to see how much the app is used, we will start to collect anonymous usage statistics with this release. If you don't want any data collected, you can disable the function in the Epic Sum Up Configuration. Find out more in our documentation

This collection of data also results in a few changes to our privacy policy. See our new privacy policy here

Dashboard Gadget

One of our popular cloud features is now also available for Server and Data Center. With this gadget you can display all your project’s progress bars in one view on your dashboard. Find out more about our Dashboard Gadget.

Texts for progress bars

It has been requested many times and we‘re happy to deliver it. Progress bars can now show the text as well as the visual.

New automatically created custom fields

When you (as an admin) install or update Epic Sum Up, no basic configuration will be needed anymore. As the two basic Epic Sum Up custom fields: 

  1. Time progress bar with standard configuration (ESU Time Progress) 
  2. number field remaining time (ESU Remaining Time) 

will be installed automatically. No worries, only if they don’t exist yet. 

They aren’t shown anywhere (only if you set default settings) and you can rename, delete and configure them as you like. 

New summary row

We’ve added a new part to the Detail View Editor Layout: our summed values row. It shows the summary of your filtered values. 

New Onboarding Tool 

Our powerful Detail View Editor offers a lot of functions. To give you a brief overview we offer a short Onboarding tour. To start the tour click on the time progress bar in your summary panel to open the Detail View Editor. When you install the new version for the first time, it will appear automatically. You can always restart the tour by clicking on the small robot head next to the close button. 

Additional features 

  • Issue description can be shown in the  Detail View Editor 
  • Time can be logged directly from Detail View Editor 
  • one ‘Show issues in’ button instead of multiple 
  • shortcut e opens up the edit dialog in the Detail View Editor 
  • Timesheet can be opened from any Detail View Editor