Public API improvements

The public API for Epic Sum Up was improved, which makes it easier to access the summed up values from any other side.

EverIT Timetracker - Time Tracking & Reporting compatibility

In the Detail View a new button is available, which opens the EverIT Timetracker - Time Tracking & Reporting and shows it for all issues available in the Detail View.

image (6).png


Issues in Container list expandable

The issues in Container list can now be expanded by custom fields, which makes it possible to see more information at a glance.

Issues in Epic and Issues in Parent list can be exchanged to an Issues in Container list

It is possible to choose, wether to use an Issues in Epic list or rather use a Issues in Container list to view more information regarding the Epic.
Additionally the Issues in Parent list, which is added by Advanced Roadmaps can be exchanged to be an Issues in Container list, too.

Updates / Fixes

  • General performance improvements
  • Minor fixes, that improve the usability of Epic Sum Up
  • Tooltips for the trashbin and apply button in the Timesheet
  • Show a preview before printing the Timesheet
  • The app 'The Scheduler' can now render the Container Issue Link custom field
  • Container in Container is no longer a lab feature and enabled by default
  • No data available message in the Summary Panel is removed