Detail View

Improved Detail View

We have improved the interface of the Detail View and made it more user friendly.

It is now possible to expand or collapse the whole structure of issues and also choose, which exact level of structure should be displayed.

Detail View Layouts

In the Detail View, layouts can be created to reuse a certain set of fields, with no more need in adding the fields over and over again..
These layouts can be used over and over again and can be made available either for all users or just for the own user.

Also the layouts can be adjusted or deleted at any time.

Jira Field support

The support of fields in the Detail View has been extended, the following fields can now be added:

  • Components
  • Container Link
  • Created
  • Epic Link
  • Resolution
  • Priority
  • Resolved
  • Security Level
  • Solved
  • Updated
  • JWT numeric fields

Furthermore these fields can now be edited aswell:

  • Priority

JQL Detail View

We have extended the Detail View so it can now be used in the Issue Navigator aswell.
So it is possible to create a Detail View from a filter list in the Issue Navigator


In this release, we have improved the edit function for the Container Link and made it easier to search for a specific container.

Container Issuelist

The issuelist now shows the exact structures of all issues inside the container.

Additional Changes

  • We do now support the JWT numeric math field in the Detail View
  • It is now possible to sort the issues in the Detail View via ranking
  • Several Bug fixes