First Accounting Features for Epics

With this release, we provide the first accounting features, the timesheet.

Severals other features requested by our users and some fixes are shipped, too.


From the Detail View old of the time summary of your epic, you can now call a timesheet. This timesheet displays all worklogs in a printer-friendly way. You can use this time sheet for basic accounting features for your customers.

In our next release we will provide you with more granular settings to the timesheet, like date chooser and some more filters.

New Features and Bugfixes

Display Numbers on Agile Cards
Display Bug in Confluence
Config at Epic Panel doesnt work after the first call of the epic, you have to reload it to use
Add Option to NOT count Subtasks into SumUp
New Feature
Am Epic kann ich für alle Vorgänge darin einen Stundenzettel drucken