Blog from November, 2017

ESU 3.2.5

Detail View

Edit Fields

The support for custom fields in the detail view has been extended,
the following custom type fields can now be edited:

  • Text Field (Single Line)
  • Text Field (Multi Line)

Common Updates / Fixes


  • Removing of display problems
  • Improved usability of Global Settings dialogue


  • The "Issues in Container" section is only displayed for container issues-types
  • Improved the performance for the "Container Link" custom field

Detail View

  • Inline Edit usability improved
  • Empty fields (such as Version or Sprint) can be edited
  • Due to the Jira compatibility the Action Menu is only available with Jira 7.1 and above
  • When a issue is collapsed in the Detail View the sum of the hidden issues is displayed
  • Insert loading animation


  • Total Hours calculation fixed (considers more than 20 worklogs)
  • Sorting usability improved

Summary Panel

  • The Jira Default Timetracking Panel will be displayed or hidden correctly